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APA Pool

Join us on Monday nights for 8 ball and Wednesday evening for 9 ball.

We have FREE pool all day on Sunday. 

We have a double elimination tournament starting at 3 pm.  

Veterans and Honoring those who have served

As a retired US Army First Sergeant I have dedicated my life to serving my country and plan to continue to spend the rest of my life ensuring that I do all I can to help others who have answered Uncle Sam's call. Oconee County has over 6,500 veterans and a very rich history of service throughout the ages. I understand the importance of veterans being able to find a battle buddy and have a place they feel comfortable. We are that place!! 


We have various types of wraps and salads available. They are loaded with locally grown vegetables purchased at the Farmers Market.  We offer numerous types of meats and cheeses to pick from so you can really personalize your meal!

We also offer daily specials such as: hot dog plates, fried bologna sandwiches, and grilled cheese. 

We have a list of signature drinks including: the Young Warrior, the Razorback and the Lady Bobcat to mention a few. We have a variety of shots and offer a fully stocked bar so we can make whatever you want. 



Check and see what we have going on!!

No upcoming events.